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Terms and Conditions

This website (“”) is subject to the following terms of use applicable to the relationship between the user and the service provider. If special conditions for the use of individual services of this website deviate from the following terms of use, this will be explicitly stated at the appropriate location within the website. In such a case, the special terms of use apply additionally.

  1. This website contains data and information of all types that are registered trademarks or copyrights of the service provider or - in special cases - of third parties. For that reason, it shall not be permitted to download, copy, and distribute the entire website or components thereof. As long as such an action does not serve an economic purpose, this provision does not apply to the technically required copying for the purpose of browsing. In addition, it shall not apply to permanent copies for personal use, e.g. for personal use at home or internally at work.
  2. The user is provided with images that can be downloaded from the website. The images are provided to the user on a temporary basis and for the purpose of making a decision regarding the separate purchase of usage rights for the images only, i.e. solely for internal purposes of the user, e.g. testing a layout, reviewing, or selecting a particular image. This loaned license is provided free of charge. The service provider has the right to prohibit the use in the aforementioned sense at any time. The right to prohibit the use particularly applies to cases in which the aforementioned usage limitations are not being observed. In particular the right to distribute, publish, copy, edit (especially remove the watermark), transmit to third parties, let, and rent out images is explicitly denied.
  3. For the purpose of purchasing a usage right that exceeds the scope of the right as defined in section 2, the user shall enter a separate agreement with Bokelberg Service Partner (can be found under Contact).
  4. The user is not granted rights in the image database. The user is only authorized to use the search feature of the website to search for images and display search results in the browser.
  5. It is permissible to create a link to this website as long as this link is solely used for cross-reference. The service provider reserves the right to revoke the authorization. Framing this website or parts thereof is not permitted.
  6. The service provider is liable for the contents of the website in accordance with the legal requirements. The provider does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information that is included on the website. References and links to the websites of third parties do not constitute a responsibility of the service provider for the contents that can be reached via these references or links. As such, the service provider cannot be held responsible for the data and information stored on such external servers. This provision does not apply if the service provider was aware of the contents and it was both technically feasible and reasonable to prevent the use of the link in case of illegal contents. The service provider holds no influence over contents available via the link. For that reason, the service provider is not liable for illegal, erroneous, or incomplete information and damage resulting from the use of contents accessible via a link.
  7. The use of the Internet is the sole risk of the user. In particular, the service provider is not liable for technically related Internet failures or problems with regard to accessing the Internet. The service provider reserves the right to modify this website and/or terminate the tele-service.
  8. The services provider does not request, store, or use any personal data of the user in the context of this website. This provision does not apply if the user has approved the use of the respective personal data, if the use of the personal data is related to fulfilling a contractual obligation with the user, or if the use is authorized by law. Any cookies used by this website are solely intended for simplifying the access to this website and for purpose of navigation. After exiting the website, the cookies are removed from the PC of the user. In addition, the user can prevent the use of cookies by making appropriate settings in the browser.
  9. To the extent it is legally possible, the court of jurisdiction is the legal venue for the registered office of the service provider. German law shall apply.
  10. The service provider reserves the right to modify these terms of use and adapt them to the technical and legal developments from time to time. If individual provisions of these terms of use become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced with a provision that most closely resembles the economic intention and purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies if these terms of use lack a provision.

    The following additional provisions apply to registered users:
  11. After a user has registered, he can use the username and the password to access a section of the website (“protected area”) that cannot be accessed otherwise. That access data is individualized and must only be used by the respectively authorized user. The user is required to treat the access data with confidentiality and protect it from third party access. If the user suspects an abuse by third parties, he shall immediately inform the service provider to that respect. Once the service provider is aware of the unauthorized use, the access used without authorization will be blocked. The service provider reserves the right to modify the access data of the user; in such a case, the service provider will inform the user regarding the change immediately.
  12. The aforementioned sections, in particular sections 2, 3, and 4, also apply to the images without watermark that the user can access in the protected area.

Last updated: November 11, 2009