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General search tips

From general to specific

Always start with as few keywords as possible, because each additional keyword constrains the result set, since every item of your term has to match the ones assigned to the picture.

To avoid a disappointing low amount of hits from the beginning, the smartest approach is to provide a common keyword first, have a look at the results and then narrow your search step by step by adding more keywords:

woman --> woman apple --> woman apple blonde
Imply or exclude

As already mentioned above, all your provided keywords have to match the ones assigned to the photo. Speaking of search engines, it is a conjunction (logical AND).

If you search for pictures of women and the photo also has to include at least one apple, simply type in:

woman apple --> woman apple (only photos with a woman and an apple)

You may also exclude keywords by prefixing a minus sign directly to the unwanted keyword:

woman apple --> woman -apple (only photos with a woman, but without apples)
Prefer singular to plural

While most keywords also exist as plural in our database, we strongly recommend using singular:

women apples --> woman apple
Use double quotes around combined keywords

When you're searching for women with red hair,

woman red hair

you'll get all photos with women, hair and something with the color red. The results are quite imprecise. To avoid this, try to surround words which belong together with double quotes:

woman "red hair"