Every eye forms its own beauty

In a career spanning fifty years, Werner Bokelberg has traveled the world photographing people with the fundamental belief that “every eye forms its own beauty.

“Beauty develops”, he explains, “during the act of seeing, when one lays their eyes on it, and this is something unconstrained by time or perspective”. Throughout the world people have been moved by the unique beauty they have found in Bokelberg images.

Bokelberg’s singular vision for the unparalleled picture has led to a multi-faceted career. As a photographer for Stern Magazine (1962 – 1972), he gained renown for his photographs of Picasso, Dali, Andy Warhol, Brian Jones, Romy Schneider and the turbulence of the 60’s. Later, as an advertising photographer, he helped form many a corporate image including huge campaigns for Lufthansa and Deutsche Bank.

Over the years he has also amassed an extraordinary collection of photographic images by the icons of photography – a collection to which Art Magazine refers “From the first, the best”. Indeed, the photography of Bokelberg is regarded by many as both pioneering and inspirational. Bokelberg images are beyond fashion trends. They have a cosmopolitan nature and yet remain timeless classics.